Success Stories







Hi guys Jim is my name I started training with Francis on his Kick start Daddy program here’s what 8 weeks with this man means average 10 kilos down.mobility focus mind 100 percent better.and with this guys help dropping another stone before Xmas that’s my aim.thanks again Francis working me to the limit and giving out about me Irish lifestyle .bread Guinness tayto kebabs along the way I’m changing slowly but most important progressing to receiving nice comments about me and looking forward to seeing doctor Thursday for which I believe my high blood pressure is gone.once again thanks to Fran’s Kick start Daddy program. It’s the Kick start u needed. 



I have been training with Irish fit Coach for a couple of weeks now. I had been training in a gym myself but couldn’t push myself to the limits I wanted as I just done the same workout over and over . I loved training with the coach from the beginning as it was one on one so each session I was pushed to my limits and loved how we tried new workouts. Irish fit coach also helped me discover different things that I wouldn’t of been confident to try in the gym when I was by myself. I found in the weeks that Ive been training I feel much more confident in myself with my appearance and stepping back into the gym by myself also my sleep and energy levels have improved. I have found that now I have the love for working out again which was one of my main goal when I was starting this programme, also my fitness levels have improved so much! I love training with the coach as he pushes me to reach my potential and tailors the program to meet my needs which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve on my own. I would recommended Irish Fit Coach to everyone that wants to reach their own fitness goals.


I have been training with Fran at Irish fit coach for the past six weeks .I feel that I definitely benefited from the one to one training as Fran really motivated me and I would not have pushed myself in a gym .My energy and fitness levels have improved and I feel more confident.


 I’ve been gaining with Irish Fit Coach now for a few months and at first I felt like I was stuck behind a wall and I wasn’t able to get any results from training no matter what I did. But the training I’m now doing is more suited to me then anything else and I feel myself getting lighter and stronger.