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We are a Fun, Friendly and Accessible Gym in Dublin

We are a community-based gym in North Dublin that designs programs specifically for your needs. We consider your everyday lifestyle and goals and ensure you never dread coming to a class. 

We are not an overcrowded big box gym that lets you figure things out for yourself alone. There’s no yearly membership, you pay by the month, and you will start a program that’s right for you.


Our over 60s functional training classes are specifically designed to improve strength, mobility, balance, and overall functionality in daily activities. These classes focus on exercises that mimic real-life movements, such as lifting, bending, and reaching, to enhance independence and reduce the risk of injury. Led by experienced trainers who understand the unique needs and limitations of older adults, these classes incorporate a combination of resistance training, balance exercises, and flexibility work. Our functional training classes can improve your quality of life, help you maintain independence, and enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come.

These classes are specifically designed to cater to teenagers’ unique needs and abilities, focusing on building strength, endurance, and flexibility. Led by qualified instructors, our teen fit classes incorporate a variety of exercises such as cardio workouts, strength training, and agility drills, fostering a supportive and motivating environment for teens to challenge themselves and develop a lifelong passion for fitness.

Personal Training at Irish Fit Coach is a customized fitness experience where you will work closely with one of our qualified trainers to achieve your specific health and fitness goals. We will provide personalized guidance, create tailored exercise programs and offer expert instruction on proper technique and form. We also offer motivation, accountability, and support throughout the journey, ensuring individuals stay on track and make progress. Personal training can be beneficial for beginners looking to establish a solid foundation and experienced individuals seeking to break through plateaus or target specific areas of improvement.

Small group personal training offers a dynamic and personalized fitness experience in a small, intimate setting. With fewer participants, each individual receives more individualized attention and guidance from one of our qualified trainers, allowing for targeted workouts and tailored exercise programs. The camaraderie and support within the group create a motivating atmosphere, pushing participants to achieve their fitness goals while fostering a sense of community and accountability. Small group personal training is an excellent option for those seeking the benefits of one-on-one training with the added motivation and social interaction of a group setting.

Our new 6-week challenge is a structured program designed to help individuals make significant progress in their health and fitness goals within a specific timeframe. It involves a combination of workouts, nutrition guidelines, and accountability measures. We encourage participants to push their limits, track their progress, and adopt healthier habits. With a clear timeline and support from our trainers, the 6-week challenge can provide the motivation and structure needed to kickstart a transformative fitness journey.

  • STEP 1: BOOK IN A CALLUse the forms to book in a call and we will phone you at a time that suits you best. We can answer any questions you might have.
  • STEP 2: COME IN AND TRY A CLASS OR PT SESSION FOR FREE!Still not sure if Irish Fit Coach is for you? Come in for a free class or free PT session, no obligation, no fee.
  • STEP 3: PICK YOUR PROGRAMPick the program that suits you the best that will work for your lifestyle and timetable.

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